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Partnerships, Governance And Sustainable Development - Reflections on Theory and Practice

Partnerships have emerged as a critical “best practice” in the pursuit of sustainability. Glasbergen, Biermann and Mol’s book explores the partnership issue from a variety of empirical and theoretical perspectives – highlighting how to understand them and what (not) to do. Highly recommended.’

– Daniel C. Esty, Yale University, US

This significant new book explores the process, extent and circumstances under which partnerships can improve the legitimacy and effectiveness of governance for sustainable development. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the ‘partnership paradigm’ is discussed from three distinct perspectives. The first examines partnerships as single collaborative arrangements, focusing on how they are created, how they operate, and their determinants. The second perspective turns attention to the external effects of partnerships and the ways in which they can contribute to deliberate societal change. The third perspective adopts a broader view on the governance system and the changes that partnerships can produce in the configuration of political decision-making structures.

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