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Business Power and Conflict in International Environmental Politics

'Robert Falkner's excellent book addresses a vitally important topic on which the literature is relatively under-developed.  His approach is radically different and directly engages existing explanations of the role of business in global environmental politics. This will certainly mean its appearance on reading lists! '  

- John Vogler, Professor of International relations, Keele University, UK

 How powerful is business in international environmental protection? Modern industrial sectors are often at the root of global environmental problems such as global warming and ozone layer depletion, but are they also the main source of inertia and obstruction that often hold back international efforts to save the environment? Does the limited success of the Kyoto Protocol process suggest that the fossil fuel industry and others can prevent effective climate action? On the other hand, what are we to make of cases such as the Montreal Protocol, which has helped to reverse the manmade trend towards ozone layer depletion?

This book is the result of over ten years of research on international environmental politics. It puts forward a distinctive theoretical approach and analytical framework for studying business as an international actor in the environmental field, and provides detailed case studies of three of the most important environmental challenges in recent years: the protection of the ozone layer; the politics of global climate change; and the regulation of agricultural biotechnology.

Robert Falkner is Lecturer in International Relations at LSE.

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