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A World Environment Organization. Solution or Threat for Effective International Environmental Governance?

In recent years, the debate on the establishment of a new international agency on environmental protection a 'World Environment Organization' has gained substantial momentum. Several countries, including France and Germany, as well as a number of leading experts and senior international civil servants have openly supported the creation of such a new international organization. However, a number of critics have also taken the floor and brought forward important objections. This book presents a balanced selection of articles of the leading participants in this debate, including both major supporters and opponents of creating a World Environment Organization. The volume is especially relevant to students and scholars of international relations, environmental policy and international law, as well as to practitioners of diplomacy, international negotiations, and environmental policy making.

'Until now, we have been without a solid, authoritative and comprehensive book, covering the pros and cons of the various streams of ideas [on a world environment organization]. So I thank the editors and writers of A World Environment Organization. I believe it will make an important contribution to informing a wider audience on where we need to go.'

Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme [from the Foreword]

'This book exemplifies policy analysis at its best. It addresses an issue of obvious importance, explores it from a variety of perspectives, and avoids simplistic conclusions. Whatever your view of the idea of creating a World Environment Organization, this book will sharpen your thinking.'

Professor Oran Young, Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and Co-Director, Bren Program on Governance for Sustainable Development, University of California (Santa Barbara), USA and Head of the Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Programme

Contents: Foreword, Klaus Töpfer. The Debate on a World Environment Organization: An introduction, Steffen Bauer and Frank Biermann. Assessing the Need for Reform: The United Nations' record on environmental governance: an assessment, Lorraine Elliott; Global environmental governance: challenges for the south from a theoretical perspective, Joyeeta Gupta. The Case for a World Environment Organization: Toward a world environment organization: reflections upon a vital debate, Steve Charnovitz; The rationale for a world environment organization, Frank Biermann; Generating effective global environmental governance: the North's need for a world environment organization, John Kirton. The Case against a World Environment Organization: Clustering international environmental agreements as an alternative to a world environment organization, Konrad von Moltke; Reforming international environmental governance: an institutional perspective on proposals for a world environment organization, Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Gehring; Neither necessary, nor sufficient: why organizational tinkering will not improve environmental governance, Adil Najam; Conclusion, Frank Biermann and Steffen Bauer; About the authors.

Executive Summary

January 2005 292 pages Hardback 0 7546 3765 4 £47.50 www.ashgate.com