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MANUS - Managers of Global Change

The MANUS research group researched the influence of international environmental organisations with a special focus on international bureaucracies as actors in global environmental governance. Drawing from international relations and organization theories comprehensive conceptual approaches have been developed to analyse the influence of international organisations and the role of intra- and interorganisational learning. These have been applied to a broad variety of international bureaucracies including inter alia the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Bank and environmental treaty secretariats.


MECGLO - New Mechanisms of Global Governance

In recent years, a vast number of public-private partnerships, global public policy networks and transnational private policy regimes have emerged along with traditional intergovernmental relations. What are the reasons for the emergence of these new mechanisms of global governance? And what are their implications for the effectiveness and legitimacy of governance beyond the nation state? These were the core questions of the MECGLO research group.


MOSAIC - Multiple Options, Solutions and Approaches: (Institutional) Interplay and Conflict

In more and more issue areas of global environmental policy, we are witnessing the evolution of a "mosaic" of different and at times conflicting policies, run by numerous single issue organizations and sectoral regimes. Parallel approaches and regulatory mechanisms have emerged, which encompass equally important segments of international society. This emergence of parallel approaches in one of the most pressing global environmental issue areas poses significant challenges.