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2011 SENSE PhD Training School

2011 SENSE PhD Training School on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change: Earth System Governance
26-29 September 2011, Amsterdam

The SENSE PhD Training School helped students to better understand the causes of global change in an integrated manner and at the same time to develop options for the governance of a transition to more sustainable development paths at the national and global levels. The Training School consisted of intensive lectures and seminars by our international faculty, as well as PhD Master Class sessions giving participants the opportunity to present and discuss their own research.

This year’s PhD Training School focused Earth System Governance. In the face of large-scale changes in the natural environment, actors and institutions are faced with new challenges. The Training School familiarized participants with some of the key questions and concepts of Earth System Governance. In particular, the training school focused on the issues of accountability and agency in Earth System Governance, discussing not only theoretical developments but also presenting examples of case studies in these areas. A third focus was the relationship between Earth System Governance and Sustainable Development.

Presentations Training School

The slides from the lectures can be downloaded below.

Earth system governance
Philipp Pattberg, IVM, VU University

The international global-change research programmes on Earth System Science
Rik Leemans, Wageningen University

Integrated marine governance: Rethinking legitimacy and accountability
Jan van Tatenhove, Wageningen University

Global climate governance beyond the state
Philipp Pattberg, IVM, VU University